The Governor's Desk

A Thank You From District 7545 Governor-Elect,

Fellow Rotarians,
How wonderful it was to meet all of you at our very first event of our soon-to-be new Rotary District 7545.

Our first PETS brought together nearly 70 hard-working Rotarians from 55 clubs in 47 counties in our great state of West Virginia.

As many of our Training Team reiterated during the two days of PETS, the sole purpose of our Zone and our District is to support our clubs!

Our new District is looking for leaders – Rotarians who want to know more about Rotary and use their talents to help our Clubs be their best.

This newsletter is just one of many ways we hope to keep our lines of communication open throughout the coming Rotary year. Let’s use all lines of communication available to us – traditional media and social media options.

WhatsApp is my personal favorite. It’s easy to use as a personal communication platform, and I encourage you to use it. I, and other members of the District leadership, will be able to communicate quickly when a question arises. It’s also a great platform to use to just share good news with your fellow President classmates.

Feel free to share events and club happenings with us. Like us and share to our Facebook page!

We are developing a state-of-the-art website where you can easily find information. You’ll be able to upload photos and newsletters, write articles that you can send to us to populate your Club News page.

Due to internet difficulties, we were unable to unveil the entire site at PETS, but have included a page within this newsletter that will give you access to all Facebook pages of clubs that have them.

The web site will not be active until July 1, 2019 (the date of our district consolidation), but save this address:

If you use other forms of social media, feel free to use the hashtag: #rotarydistrict7545

You had time to meet your Assistant Governor (AG), and hopefully, your AG will become your best friend. Your AG will help you input your goals into Rotary Club Central and keep your DACdb updated. All you need to do is call or email them.

Everyone have a great year! I look forward to our new Rotary adventures together.