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Please stay connected with your District leadership team and your fellow PETS classmates!

On this Blog page there are various links to help you stay connected.

1.) On the new internet site for Rotary District 7545 there is a page that outlines meeting times, days, and places by club name. We have duplicated that page HERE to make it easy for you to look over the information. If your meeting time or location has changed, please send new information to us. CONTACT US!

2.) On the same page, Club Name links to each Club’s Facebook page. A few clubs may link to other pages, or none at all, depending upon where information is located. Here is the LINK again.



Let’s Connect
You received a postcard of applicable links to all of the District social media platforms at the PETS Public Image session. The postcard can be found HERE for download.

Facebook / Search: Rotary District 7545

Twitter / Search: Rotary District 7545
Username: @rotary7545

Instagram / Search: RotaryDistrict7545

Hashtag #RotaryDistrict7545

LinkedIn / Search: Rotary District 7545

District Website / Search: Rotary District 7545
(Note: Website launches July 1, 2019.)

Useful Emails
To stay connected with your classmates, we have developed a list of PE names who attended PETS and organized them by Club size. HERE you will find name of President-Elect, Club, Email address, and Phone number of attendees only from Group A, Group B
and Group C.

If you should need District information, contact your Assistant Governor.


Our DG-E’s favorite mobile communication platform, WhatsApp is easy to download. Let’s start communicating!