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What is your club doing to enhance public awareness of Rotary’s role in polio eradication? Do all of your club members know why eradicating Polio is so important? Our District 7545 Polio Plus Chair, Jim Ferguson, wants to know!

Jim recently sent to all Club Presidents a link to videos created by Rotary International to use in your Club programs and Polio Plus events during the month of October. These videos may be found here.

One is 10 minutes in length and the other is 15 minutes. Both are excellent overviews and provide background of Rotary’s #1 priority to end polio in the world.

Each club should also set a fund raising goal for Polio Plus.

Zone 33 (of which our District is part) leadership is asking each District set a goal of $35 per capital to Polio Plus, our District chair has suggested $37.

This means each member of your club is willing to donate $35or $37 sometime during the 2019-2020 Rotary year. In your annual spending budget, how much is $35?

Considering the good it does in the world, let’s all make an effort to donate to Polio Plus this year.

Jim is also asking that each club consider creating a fund raising activity, using the 10 or 15-minute video as part of the program.

Thursday, October 24 is World Polio Day but clubs can schedule Polio Plus activities on any date you choose.

Our Chair is asking all District 7545 clubs to share your goals and Polio Plus activities with him and don’t hesitate to email if you need assistance.

We are asking you to also send your stories to us so we can spotlight your club in our November newsletter!

Our District 7545 Mountain State Rotary E-Club offers an excellent story written by president, Bonnie Branciaroli, that outlines Rotary’s history in the fight against polio, why it’s important to donate and how easy it can be to donate. Find the story HERE.

Challenge your club this year to raise funds and build awareness for Rotary’s flagship cause! Click here for Rotary International’s World Polio Day toolkit.

Download videos here.

Send us your Polio Plus highlights for November’s newsletter!

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